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Practice Acquisition and Mergers

Matrix Associates has over 35 years of practice acquisition experience with Large Medical Practices and Hospitals creating a Primary Care Network for those seeking to expand.  Both must create and understand an overall acquisition strategy to having a clear transition process which promotes growth and compliance with federal regulations.  Among the factors driving Physician Practice Acquisition are:

  • Increased Clout with 3rd Party Reimbursement Rates

  • Economies of Scale

  • Tracking Quality and Efficiency Rates.

  • Stark Law Issues

  • Anti-kickback Statute


Some of the Practical Considerations are:

  • Fair Market Value Determination

  • Due Diligence Process

  • Assimilating Non-physician Employees

  • Analysis of Total Cost of Acquisitions

  • Physician Leadership Issues


As the consolidation trend continues, many medical groups are considering strategic mergers or acquisition.  In our experience, many physicians recognize that in today’s marketplace, bigger is often better in terms of providing cost-effective care and creating negotiating clout with managed care companies. While negotiations often start off friendly and general, they often bog down because either the groups do not know what to do next, or the system lacks a clearly defined organized effort. Matrix Associates will assist in the development, analysis, negotiations, and implementation of your strategy to achieve your desired goals.

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